Book review: Food Photography Guide

FOOD PHOTOGRAPHY A Beginners Guide to Creating Appetizing Images by Corinna Gissemann


Published by rockynook
Paperback £26.99
Digital £25.64
July 2016

Books are a great source of knowledge and knowledge is power, that’s why I couldn’t resist when Rrockynook asked if I was interested in reviewing a recently published book about food photography for them.

We tend to think of food photography as a simple task to do, just point your camera at the food in front of you and bang! Stunning pictures instantly. If you’ve ever had a go at taking a picture of that food in front of you, I’m sure you had experienced the difficulties to get a flattering portrayal of that food. The ever growing use of pictures for social mediatendsd to disguise these difficulties. I get it all the time as a professional food photographer, friends and clients alike constantly saying “I had a go with my phone or my sister’s camera and it doesn’t look like #foodporn pictures”

With her new book on how to shoot food photography, Corinna Gissemann breaks it down to us in an extensive yet complete guide to all aspects involving food photography and gives us a clear step by step guide on how to achieve the quality we encounter in magazines, blogs, and social media websites.

This progressive guide will give you a strong foundation to get your photography started but beware! This book is not a quick easy read as the amount of information is extensive (232 pages) and very technical. This can be confusing if you’re a complete novice, so don’t get frustrated, just take your time and let things sit in the back of your head.

Each chapter has the cooperation of the photographed examples and diagrams— they illustrate better what the author is referring to which makes it easier since the basic concepts of photography are quite hard to understand at first.

As you keep on reading, the book takes you to more complex techniques like lighting, design, composition and styling. As you progress, it starts challenging your creativity and technical abilities. I’m glad Corinna wrote a chapter on editing as this is essential for ALL food photography.

The press release from the book’s publisher states:
“Instagrammers, bloggers, and aspiring food photographers – this new book will teach you all the tips and tricks you need to create mouthwatering food photos every time!

Anyone who has been inspired to take a picture of a great-looking meal knows that creating a successful food photograph is not easy. Though the food may look amazing, the resulting image can often end up mediocre and unappealing. Whether you want to create great food images for your blog or break into the world of commercial food photography, Food Photography is the perfect place to start your journey.

Corinna Gissemann, a professional food photographer, walks you through everything you need to know, starting with a primer on equipment and exposure, followed by a detailed explanation of the extremely important roles that light, composition, and styling play in food photography. In these chapters, you’ll learn all about hard vs. soft light, how to use reflectors and flash, how to frame your image so that your subject matter truly pops, the food styling techniques that will have your viewers getting hungry, and much more! Additionally, entire chapters are devoted to editing and managing your images in Lightroom, the props you need to have in order to create great food photos, and all the tips and tricks that will save you time and help make getting “the shot” that much easier.”

Myself, as a professional food photographer and tutor am happy to see quality content like this being published. There’s nothing more upsetting than poor food photography and Corinna has created a powerful tool for anyone wanting to take a big step forward on their photography. I’ll be keeping this book and referring to it constantly as a reminder of the basics that sometimes get forgotten.

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