New year’s resolutions

Happy new year,  fellas!  Hope you had a wonderful time during the festive season. Have you got any big plans for this new year?  “BIG” can be anything really as long as it is a challenge; I’ve come to realize that small changes are the ones that make a big difference.

During the festive season, I completely shut the business down;  no emails, no phone, no camera… Nothing! By doing this I learned the importance and benefits of having those 2 weeks for myself and spending quality time with my wife, cooking, walking and doing lots of thinking,


The wind down was like a deep breath in taking the last bits from the year and letting them sink in the back of my head followed by a deep breath out as I started to meditate about the coming year and what to achieve.

Instead of thinking of new things to add to my routine, I thought it would be better to polish off what I started last year and focus on stopping the bad habits:

  • Reduce my working hours. I used to work about 15 hours non-stop.  I’d like to cut the hours down and instead, exercise the mind and body.
  • Less facebook more books. Social media is a waste of time, especially facebook!
  • Think less, write more. Last year I committed to starting this blog; writing is my biggest weakness because of dyslexia, language barrier, and a terribly short attention span. Plus at times I worry too much of what others might think or what they would like to see. This year I’m feeling much more confident writing and won’t care what others think. Some will like it, other won’t.
  • Stop messing around. I tend to procrastinate a lot in search for inspiration or motivation. I’ve added a few add-ons which will allow me to focus more on my work.
  • Think less, shoot more. Stop thinking if something or someone falls into street photography or not. Shoot from the heart and from the gut.
  • Email less, chat more. People like to work with people so instead of sending introduction emails I should network a bit more.
  • Give something back. When I first started, I approached many photographers asking for advice on how to make a living out of photography. Some were very helpful but most gave vague or misleading information. I got here pretty much all by myself picking my own battles so I promised myself never to turn into such an asshole and try to help emerging photographers achieve the same. I’ve started already last year helping a couple of colleagues giving some honest feedback and insights on how to make it. Mentoring is part of my philosophy.


These are just initial thoughts I had of how I can improve my photography and everything around it at a personal and professional level.

I’ve already taken a couple of projects late in December which will help with these resolutions. One of them involves documenting the life in a restaurant, another one involves writing about the psychology and mentality behind my photography. This last one is a huge challenge and will be released soon so stay tuned.

What are your resolutions for this 2017?

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