Old Tree Brewery, Brighton 

I can’t think of a time where I have questioned an idea pitched by a client; Chefs are incredibly creative people so a big part of my job as a food photographer is to make their visions and ideas come true.

That’s what happened when Silo’s Doug McMaster sent me this picture and asked if we could do a series of pictures with dramatic light and a hand holding the drinks…

Photo by Doug McMaster

I like this “organic”  approach and natural way of doing things where there’s a more human element. I like details like bottles slightly tilted or hand-written dates on the labels which are incidental in this case. Old Tree was founded with the ideas of community, regeneration and food forestry so these elements are essential for their imaging and identity.

Here’s what the final pictures look like :

Did you notice that glow?  and the colours? the sun shining through has an awesome effect on the drinks. What about the hand holding the bottles? I like its dramatic effect.

A big thank you to Field Brighton for the location and of course to Old Tree Brewery and Doug!

All images ©XDBPhotography except for the first one.


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