Everyone should be a waiter

Once in our lifetime, people should take on a waiting job for at least a month.

I’m doing some writing today from my local cafe and it’s a pretty busy day. At least 50 different people have walked in and out in the last hour or so and I’m amazed by the number of people having the wrong attitude when ordering at the counter and talking to staff.

Probably it annoys me because I was at the receiving end for so long and it was one of my reasons for choosing to leave the industry. It pisses me off the lack of empathy and respect some people have towards waiting staff and the service industry in general!

This sense of entitlement some people have is outrageus; they feel that they can walk into an establishment and demand things without saying hello, please and thank you. They have zero understanding for the job, for the person behind the counter and for the fact that they are not the only ones in the queue and they’re just another brick in the wall.

Instead of military service, people should be forced to serve humanity in the service industry. Get them to wait tables, serve food and take orders under stressful situations. Teach them the power of kindness and empathy! Maybe the world would be a better place.

If you’ve ever felt superior to anyone with an apron, do me a favor and check your reality. Paying for something doesn’t give you the right to be an asshole.

Be kind, be smart and be good to one another.

Rant over!