I’m addicted to portraits!

For a very long time, I felt indifferent to portraiture, I didn’t get the purpose of it. But now that has changed. How? I have no freaking clue! Experience, practice, knowledge, curiosity, maybe maturing into the craft.  On a sudden, I had a few back to back jobs where I had to take portraits of chefs and there on I got the bug for it, I love it!


Portraiture is something I’m looking to explore on a personal level with models, dancers, artists and friends on a collaborative basis while professionally I’ll be offering my clients the option to get portraits done.

Being as selective as I am, I wouldn’t just shoot anyone anywhere. I have to have a good feel for who I’m taking pictures of, where we are doing it and what we are shooting. This on a personal level of course. I have a few ideas I want to develop so I’m putting up a collection of inspiration shots on Pinterest:


I’ve joined Purpleport as well as El Xavo

Professionally, I just want to keep having the opportunity to portray the people I work with in their working environment.

If you like my style and have some portrait ideas that you’d like to shoot, get in touch!