Zanshin, the art of staying alert

In martial arts, we have a term which is a state of mind of staying alert. This is called Zanshin. As martial artists, we train our minds to stay alert at all times and be aware of our surroundings while keeping our focus and determination.

Zanshin is a Japanese term that means to remain in a relaxed state of awareness. It also has a deeper Zen Buddhist meaning of the mind being vigilant at all times without being attached to anything.

Training the mind to remain in Zanshin is very difficult, only through meditation and focus one can really reach that state and it has definitely upped my game in and out of the dojo. The effects of this practice as a photographer are wicked!

The focus level when I’m training is practically the same than when I’m shooting so getting in such state of awareness has become second nature; this allows me to anticipate a picture and be more aware of what’s around me. This is very handy

This is very handy in busy environments like large kitchens or at events and even in street photography.

Calm the mind, focus and be aware of everything that’s around you; you will be surprised of what you are missing.

Zanshin, my friend!