10 Radius -Teaser-

I love it every time I get called to a shoot for a new client and I know very little about them, their cooking and their style of plating. The challenge is harder and the pressure to get things right and impress them is bigger but, to me, that’s the best way to improve my photography!

That was the case with chef Leslie Nkansah of 10 Radius. A very calm, quiet chef with an incredible talent for food and a very impressive curriculum. When the project was described to me the words fine dining and technical cooking made me say “yes, I’m in!”

Photography by Xavier D. Buendia

10 radius will be hosting a series of pop-ups in Brighton having the first one on the 17th of July at Kooks in Brighton.

Now, these are not just another pop-up, these are fine dining pop-ups on a very relaxed ambiance where the ingredients are sourced within a 10-mile radius from Brighton. The menu is looking seriously good!


In their own words:

“The pop-up gastronomic events 10 offer will celebrate the best of fine dining in a more intimate and relaxed atmosphere. Diners will be presented with a culinary experience to remember: beautiful and technical dishes with ingredients that celebrate Brighton’s wonderful and eclectic local offerings.

10 Radius’ purpose is to source, promote and celebrate the diverse, highest quality, seasonal produce from within 10 miles of Brighton. Sustainability and top quality produce without air miles underpin the paradigm of 10 Radius.”

The menu looks fantastic, I was there witnessing the whole process and the amount of work is that of a masterpiece. Stay tuned because I’ll be chatting to Leslie finding out more about his project.

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A big shout out to Fran for her support!