Mestiza Filipino Inspired Food

I just had my very first taste of Filipino food and I’m in love with it!

First time attending a supper club as well… not so in love with that.

This is Lou, she’s half Filipino, half British born in Hong Kong and for a long time she had one of those vampire jobs; having enough of it, she decided to travel half the world and found herself and her true passion in food since it has always been a huge part of her life. Having her own restaurant has been a life-long dream for her.

Photography by Xavier D. Buendia

Sounds familiar? I love stories like this!

I admit, before meeting Lou, I knew nothing about Filipino food so I was curious to hear about it as recently, I read a few articles saying that Filipino is the new big trend in street food. Apparently, it’s already creating a buzz in America and London is following.

After our first meeting, Lou sent me a few PDFs to read about Filipino food, history and culture, and even though the food is very different, I’m excited to see that food culture is universal: Filipinos like to share their food at the table with family and close friends.

Photography by Xavier D. Buendia

The menu was simple: a 3 course taste of what Filipino cooking is like. It’s so difficult to put all of the country’s food offering into one menu, especially with a culture so rich and with so many influences like the Philippines are.  Each region and each island has a different way of preparing and cooking similar dishes.  I learned this from Lou.

The food was delicious, the portions perfect and the attention to detail in Lou’s presentation says a lot about her ambitions but most importantly… the flavours. If you’re as crazy and passionate about food as we are, you know when something is done with love. I had to text my mom to tell her that for a moment I thought I was having grandma’s food

In fact, I had to text mom to tell her I thought I was having grandma’s food because Lou’s main course took me back to my childhood. Just like in that scene in Ratatouille:

The menu:

Kinilaw Filipino Ceviche, calamansi, chilli

Photography by Xavier D. Buendia

Pinakbet Vegetable stew with squash, okra and Sussex free range pork belly

Photography by Xavier D. Buendia

Halo-Halo Filipino dessert, coconut, plantain, sugar palm

Photography by Xavier D. Buendia

The wife and I are seriously impressed. Lou, you’ve done so well!

Lou runs Supperclubs every month in Hove and will be having a pop-up at Polygon on the 3rd of August. We’ll be there,  of course!

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