Got dust?

Here’s a trick I’ve been trying to share with you for ages but it’s so silly and so simple that I keep putting it aside.

If you know this trick, well done, share it with your photo buddies, if you don’t, try it out and get neater, clearer images and then, go tell your photo friends about it!

We all know how difficult it is to keep your lens, filter and sensor clear from dust, right? No matter how many gadgets you use, you’ll always end up with some sort of solid particle on the front of these even when you think they are impeccable, trust me… dust is a bitch!

Look at these two photos for example:


Silo- Brighton

On the first one, you can clearly spot a few specks but the second one is a bit tricky.

Now, here’s the little trick to spot those “invisible” unwanted specks on your photos:

-Open your photo on your favorite editing software. I only use Photoshop so excuse my lack of another software vocabulary. (I just tried to do this in Lightroom and it’s a nightmare! you have to invert the tone curve and it’s a painful process)

-After doing all basic corrections in ACR (Adobe Camera Raw), open your picture in Photoshop and before doing anything, press Ctrl + i to invert the picture and create a negative:


-Zoom in and see how many you can find, even hairs and sand specks will become evident.


Let’s have a look at that dish picture:

Silo- Brighton

Looks ok but when I zoom in I find plenty on the left-hand side.


Still hard to tell but they’re there.

-Grab your favorite cloning or healing tool and even out all those nasty specks. You can do it on the negative or go back to the positive or even go back and forth to keep finding specks.

-Then go on and edit your picture as you usually do.

This trick works particularly well with flat, even surfaces like plates, walls, clear blue skies and anywhere where they are nearly impossible to see in plain sight. It’s part of my workflow and if you care

Doing this has become part of my workflow and if you care about the quality and presentation of your images, you’ll use this trick every single time.

Got a trick similar to this? Let me know in the comments below.