Portraiture for a Jewellery Designer

It’s not the first time I do portraiture but it is indeed the first time I do portraiture for myself the way I wanted it to be.

Last week I arranged with a friend and a model to do some shots for her jewellery designs, the cool thing about this collaboration is that I had the artistic freedom to put into practice what I had in my mind. Everyone got involved in the shoot and the outcome is fantastic!


Nelly Fee is an awesome model, she knows her stuff, is very professional and a real pleasure to shoot with. She was very patient with my portraiture inexperience and gave me good advice on how to direct a shoot like this.

Jewellery by Juna looks pretty cool on Nelly and the urban backgrounds used for this session help highlight the silver pieces.



Everything was shot with a 50mm lens and some shots were lit by a handheld flashgun on a TTL wire.

Editing was pretty straight forward, I just did a bit of correction on the skin texture, then some adjustments on Color FX 4 and then the usual curves and color balance adjustments I usually do on my food photography.

I wanted a smooth, grainy film look with a bit of a summer look. I’m very pleased with this first session and can’t wait to get more portraiture done soon.





If you’re a model,  hair or makeup artist, dancer or performer and need some pictures done, get in touch as I’m exploring portraiture on a personal project basis so there’s no money involved.

Do videnja

All images are © Xavier D. Buendia / XDBPhotography total or partial distribution, cropping, downloading and sharing is strictly forbidden without express written permission.

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