The competitive spirit part 1

I’m going to start this post by confessing that I’m one of the most non-competitive persons you’ll ever meet. I’m one of those guys who prefers everyone to do well instead of going through hell to win. If it’s up to luck, then that’s fine but I find it pretty embarrassing to be the center of attention after winning a competition of any kind without saying the amount of pressure it comes with.

I know this because I’ve won a few things in my life: spelling bee competitions, tennis competitions, guitar battles, but probably the most important thing I’ve ever won, was a food photography award.

Let me explain. Professionally, winning such award was a very good thing for my confidence as a businessman. It drew the starting point in my career as a professional photographer and gave me the validation I needed to know that I made the right decision of going solo. Getting the award badge on my website raised the bar on the quality of my work and my aim, since then, was to let people know I am a professional food photographer. I was swimming with bigger sharks in a deeper tank.

In reality, nothing changed by winning that award. I didn’t get any busier, I didn’t nail a sponsorship from any of the gear I use, no agency asked me to be represented by them. It was still my same old daily struggle to find a client and get a booking with a flashy badge on my website. I wasn’t Food Photographer of the Year so why would that happen anyway?

Winning something ain’t a bad thing at all, it’s how you deal with it that matters. I think it takes a lot of common sense, humility and intellect to deal with it. In the end, the journey is what matters and what will shape your personality from then on.

Have you won any awards or competitions, how did you deal with it, what changed after taking part? Let me know in the comments or drop me a line telling me your story.

Until next time.

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