Social Media Sucks!

Here’s why you should stay off all social media

I started this post as a guide to help photographers and creative freelancers sorting out their purpose of being on Social Media. It was quite interesting, to be honest, but not what my real intention of this article was.

The purpose of this article was to tell you how enjoyable life is when you spend a few days away from all social media and disconnect from the digital world since I just did that over the past weekend but also, the benefits of doing so from a business perspective.

Being off all social media for 4 days was such a relief, it was an awesome feeling having nothing to post, nothing to rant about or have an opinion of, it felt even better not having to convince someone to hire my services in 140 characters. I’m aware that my business might have suffered from the absence of posts and promotions but fuck it! From time to time a break is needed, here’s why:

During this brief break, I had time to reconsider my strategies and plan some changes to my different channels, for example, now I’m using Twitter to drive traffic to my website and blog instead of randomly sharing what I was up to during the day. Let’s say that twitter is the voice of my business due to my professional follower base. Instagram, on the other hand, has become my voice as a food photographer. I’m sharing more content about my day to day life as a professional. Facebook is dead to me, I just keep it there so I can have the business features on Instagram but Facebook never worked for me, never got to understand how it works. Linkedin is off, I’m unemployable due to my rebellious nature anyway so why keeping it? Behance is cool to look for inspiration but I find it hard to keep up with it so it’s off too. Pinterest is great for me to gather mood boards and look for more inspiration. Flickr still is cool to use as storage space for all my edits.

So, based on this, my social media has been reduced only to Twitter, Instagram and WordPress, I find it easier to manage this way and to focus on 2 channels rather than having the same content spread all over the web. Next step on my digital enterprise is sorting out my SEO and the new website for Brighton Food Photography.

Take some time off all social media and see how it will open up your mind for better things to happen to your business as a photographer or freelancer. Once you do, let me know how you got on with it.

Until next time.