My country is the world…

This time, I want to show you a photograph that I cherish because of its universal meaning and emotional power. It’s a graffiti, a tribute to Pablo Picasso’s Guernica.

Guernica Graffiti

I found this in 2012 in a small village outside Barcelona on the Mediterranean coast, Sant Pol de Mar and I know absolutely nothing about this graffiti, other than the signature from someone called Kovacevic and the word ITALIA right in the middle inside the broken sword. It was painted on a concrete wall and it was about 7m long by 2.5m high.

Remember Europe was suffering the effects of a recession back then.

But I turned the photo into a black and white because it has a deeper meaning to me, pretty close to that of Picasso when he created his masterpiece. Here’s why:

Guernica St Pol 1800-BNW

You know I’m a beautiful mix of Mexican and Spanish right? or should I say, Catalan? I don’t know…

Yesterday (October 1st) was a very sad day in Catalunya seeing people exercising their right to a vote and national police trying to stop them in a very brutal fashion. The fight for independence to a more righteous state doesn’t make me feel more Catalan than I am in the same way that I don’t feel more Mexican by sending help and donations to those affected by the earthquake that hit Mexico a couple of weeks ago.

I am very happy to have a multi-cultural background, now even more that I live in the UK and I’m married to a Croatian that I met in New York. But I just don’t understand nationalism and I can’t feel proud of being either Catalan, Spanish, Mexican or Brightonian. In fact, I recently saw a sketch by George Carlin talking about it:

I’m  very grateful to my parents for taking me on all their trips with them from an early age; that made me see the world as one single place with no difference other than the language and to my grandparents for making me mingle with all sorts of people. That made me see everyone as an equal.

I’m happy of having the privilege of living in a free world, doing what I like the most and having the chance to write about stuff like this but I’m very saddened by what nationalism does and how that foolish sense of pride can divide an entire nation. Not just in Catalunya, Mexico and the UK but all over the world.

I just had to let it off my chest and share it with you. With that said, I leave you with a quote by Thomas Payne that my grandfather told me once and describes my way of thinking

“My country is the world and my religion is to do good”

Thank you.