The one and only trick you need to know as a photographer

Hey, this time I’d like to tell you about a simple, yet useful trick I learned when I was doing my photography degree. I use it pretty much for everything in my food photography, street photography, portraiture, and anything else when I need to check the light on my subjects.

The trick is so simple and so rustic that it’s actually absurd… but it works!

Place your hand right in front of your lens in the direction that you intend to photograph. for example, for food photography, I tend to place it palm up and look at how the light hits my palm and how the texture look; then, I correct my exposure accordingly.

Fatto a Mano

On portraiture, I test the depth of field (no, I don’t look at bokeh because I don’t photograph bokeh) the intensity and angle of the flash and the exposure.

hand 2.jpg

On street photography is a bit more complex, I take 3 shots at 3 different light directions: into the light, against the light, and side light. Then I get on to snap some shots and I completely forget about it. That’s how relaxed I am when I shoot for fun opposed to the high levels of focus I’m at when doing work for a client.

hand 3

hand 4

Fatto a Mano

hand 7

Do you use this trick? How does it work for you? let me know in the comments and share this with all your friends.

Until next time! X.