Focusing problems?

As a full-time freelancer and food photographer and now more often, portrait and documentary photographer, I find that time management and time efficiency is the backbone of my business.

Now, I’m not going to write you a guide on how to run a successful business or how to be a busy as hell freelance creative. There are plenty of  guides out there which will get you on the right path to that. Truth is, what works for me or any other working freelancer, might not be the right strategy for you.

What I do know and this is scientifically proven by the Jedi council is that the only thing that leads to success is FOCUS.

The focus of the mind, concentration which translates to efficient time management!

See, I have the mind of a dog, I start writing an article, and after 3 sentences my mind wonders off to a post I need to share on Instagram. halfway through that post, I remember I have to reply to an email. As I start writing that email I remember about the blog post but not before feeling a bit hungry and sneaking to the fridge and slicing some cheese… My attention span is freaking ridiculous!

The only way to correct that and get things done is by practising meditation. Not by sitting on top of a rock on a cliff or hanging from the top of a tree but simply by training the mind to remain calm and focused.

A great way to start off is by reading my very good friend’s Thomas Ludwig’s FREE e-book KEEP THE FOCUS.  A meditation guide for street photographers. 


I chose his e-book over any other guide or book out there because it’s aimed at photographers and written from a photographer perspective so it’s easier for any creative to relate to. Plus, it explains the principles of meditation in a very unorthodox way so there are no weird poses or spiritual malakies. Anyone can do it!

For about 15 months I’ve been trying to train my dog mind and let me tell you it’s not easy at all!  But I’m getting there, I can sit and write a whole post like this one in one sit without doing 6 other things at the same time. Worth the effort for sure!

As a bonus, you can boost your mind training with an app; there are plenty out there with simple 5 to 10 minutes exercises for focusing. The one that I like is called LIVE A HAPPIER LIFE and is available for android and ios.

Until next time.


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