Rant: Taking a beating on Facebook

Just a quick rant:

A few days back, a colleague photographer posted on his Facebook profile that he was pleased to become a contributor to The Phoblographer. I don’t blame him as I still have the same enthusiasm and pride in doing so. but my initial reaction knowing his engagement on social media was… OH NO!

It didn’t take long for a few and the usual scumbags to “jokingly” post negative comments on his wall about his decision to contribute to the blog. The main theme went about why doing it for free and shit like that.

So much impact it had that in a couple of hours, my colleague wrote a blog post justifying his actions and explaining why he made this decision… He took a beating on the comments by the same scumbags. I know a few of them as they go about putting others down in the same photography circle.

My colleague kept his cool like a ninja and did very well dodging all the shit splattering everywhere, well done, pal for not getting down to their level!

I just can’t understand how people waste so much time and energy trying to put someone down on social media. It’s pure evil, envy, and lack of common sense. I looked at these people’s work before and they’re just mediocre as photographers, artists and human beings. This is why I’m so against the engagement and interaction on social media and why I limit myself to 5 minutes of Facebook per day.

Anyway, rant over. Be happy and celebrate everyone’s victories cause one day it might be your victory.

Until next time.