Inspiration: Hands in art and food

Art has a very special place in my heart and mind; it is the cornerstone of my style and my way of doing photography be it on my food photography business or on my personal work.

Probably the thing that fascinated me the more from an early age was the way hands were used in art to represent action and describe what a person does for a living or what status it holds in a scene.

One of humanity’s first expression of creativity was to paint a bunch of hands in a cave:

Ancient Hands, Stencil Paintings, Rio Pinturas Canyon, Cave of the Hands, Patagonia, Province of Santa Cruz, Argentina
Cave of the Hands, Argentina painted about 9000 years ago

And possibly the most known hands in the history of art. Adam just about to reach God’s finger:

Michael Angelo The Creation of Adam

This is a personal favourite, A very powerful self-portrait of Mexican plastic artist and muralist David Alfaro Siqueiros.

David Alfaro Siqueiros Self Portrait

And so on…

M. C. Escher
Egyptian wall carving

So it was just a matter of time and practice for this fascination with hands to adopt it as part of my style.

I love to pay attention to the natural beauty of hand gestures and poses:






Boxpark Croydon


The Chilli Pickle

None of these shots have been staged, prepared or styled. It’s all real and is a picture hunting game I like to play while working.



Boxpark Croydon



The Plough Inn

Like what you see? Let me know in the comments below.

Until next time! X.

Copyright Notice: All photographs are subject to copyright and protected by UK and international law. Total or partial copy and/or reproduction is strictly forbidden. If you wish to use these photographs for personal, editorial or commercial purposes, please get in touch. ©Xavier D. Buendia / XDBPhotography


  1. jeffsof

    Great set of shots Xavier. It’s amazing how, something we take for granted like our hands, can be so powerful in a photo. Well done mate!


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