Hi, welcome to my blog. If you love photography, food, philosophy and have a twisted sense of humour, then you’ll be feeling at home here!

In this©XDBPhotography/Xavier D. Buendia blog, you’ll get to see work I love creating but that doesn’t fit on my website like street photography and portraits. Also, I’ll be giving some business advice, and tips in general; I’ll share collaborations with people that inspire me and a behind the scenes look at what I do during and in between shoots.

I might throw an occasional rant but hey, it’s for a good reason, Trust me.

First of all, why don’t you start by reading this post I wrote for The Phoblographer where I tell my story, then you can read this one where I tell you a bit more about me at a personal level.

Since 2015, I have been a full-time, professional food photographer. I’m currently based in Brighton, UK and I work mostly with top chefs and restaurants in the city. My work has been published in several national and international publications and I’ve won a couple of awards too. 

Even though I’m pretty confident of my skills as a photographer, I still have a long way to learn. In fact, being an independent creative is a slow learning process. Making the decision of going solo and indie, together with the study of martial arts have taught me more about myself and the world. 

I love sharing stories and experiences and encouraging others to follow their dreams, that’s possibly the inspiration to start this blog. I want to encourage everyone to follow their dream and do what they like the most. If any of my stories inspire you to do better, please let me know. If you think I’m a twat, I want to know it too. Enjoy reading my blog

Xavier.           xdbphotography@gmail.com