Hi, welcome to STRAY TOG, A blog ABOUT photography WITH MY PERSONAL WORK INCLUDiNG STREET PHOTOGRAPHY, PORTRAITURE, LIFESTYLe AND  a few tips for freelance photographers and MORE… 

In this©XDBPhotography/Xavier D. Buendia journal, you’ll get to see the work that I like creating outside of my job which is being a food photographer. I’ll be sharing experiences that I gain as a freelance photographer so others starting out can reach their goals too. Also, I’ll share some thoughts about photography, art, music, design, philosophy and life in general. If there’s is something that you’d like to see, just drop me a line.

A bit about me: My name is Xavier, I was born in 1982 and I’m a beautiful mix of Mexican and Spanish; I grew up between the two countries but mostly in Mexico City. I traveled a lot from an early age since my mom worked for an airline and my dad had his international business.

Recently I developed a serious interest in portraiture and ditched the idea of becoming a street photography influencer. I love what Rian Johnson did with Episode VIII and I’m working on turning this blog into a good source of help and information for photographers and creatives starting out who want to turn their hobby into a business.

I like: Art, design, coffee, wine, baseball, Formula 1, evil music, playing guitar, silence in the morning, Star Wars, martial arts, philosophy.

Don’t like: childern, politicians, fast food, avocado on toast, beer, football, other photographers, my wife’s mess.  

I’m currently based in Brighton, UK and life by the sea is awesome!

Get in touch if you like or don’t like this space, if you want to say hello or if you have a super cool business proposal. I hope you enjoy my journal as much as I like sharing my stories with you.

Xavier.           xdbphotography@gmail.com