Tips on how to make better pictures or at least try to

On winning part 2

If you’re a freelancer starting out and/or you’re thirsty to know how to make it work, this post is for you. Against (or in addition to) my previous post about being zero competitive,  I’ve had a few conversations with friends about that post and they all think I’m just too nice and too modest so this […]


Got dust?

Here’s a trick I’ve been trying to share with you for ages but it’s so silly and so simple that I keep putting it aside. If you know this trick, well done, share it with your photo buddies, if you don’t, try it out and get neater, clearer images and then, go tell your photo […]


Why you shouldn’t BS people

Here’s an interesting experience I want to share with you. A couple of weeks ago, I got an inquiry from… Kay, let’s call him Kay for the purpose of this post. So, Kay inquired about a 1 to1 food photography session to which I replied yes, it could be possible but first I needed to […]